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Liquid Painting Plant & Accessories
Liquid Painting is used to give high quality finishing. It is applied on metals, plastic and wooden components. High quality painting is a multilayered process that allows wet- on- wet or bake- on- bake options. A typical line maybe primer coat followed by top coat; and, can be followed by clear/ lacquer coat.


KSW offers different kind of liquid painting booths.
 Side Drought Painting Booth
 Down Drought Painting Booth
 Dry type Painting Booth
 KSW also offers booth specially designed for car painting.
Product Range
Powder Coating Booths
Liquid Painting Booths
Curing Ovens(Electrical/Oil/Gas Fired)
UV Oven
Tray Dryer
Belt Converyoised Curing Oven
Pre-Treatment Lines(Dip/Spray)
Conveyorised Lines For Powder/Liquid Painting
Complete Paint Shop On Turnkey Basis
CED Plants
Guns With Reciprocators
Disc Applicators For Liquid Painting
Paint Kitchen And Paint Circulation Systems
Hot Water Generator
PLC And SCADA Based Control Systems
Car Painting Booth
PLC Based Tranporter