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Conveyorised Curing Oven

Drying Ovens are provided to dry up the component after Pre-treatment process and Curing oven are provided to cure powder/paint on specific temperature to get a better finish and Increase quality of finish. These ovens are operated on various sources of heating, Like LPG Fired Heating system and Diesel Fired Heating System through Conventional Heating process and IR, UV Ovens through Radiation Heating Process.

The ovens are of the following type:
  • Camel Back Type Ground Mounted and Over Head Conveyorized Drying and Curing Oven
  • Ground Mounted/ Elevated Straight Conveyor Entry Ovens.
  • Slat Conveyorized Ovens for CED Baking.
  • Tank/ Tunnel Type Drying Ovens.

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