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PT Plant Accessories

Hot Water Generator

KSW Hot Water Generator is modern and fuel efficient heating system provided for chemical heating in pre treatment plants. The heat is being transferred with the help of coils or PHE. The Hot Water Generators are provided either with HSD Fired or Gas fired burners.

Air Agitation System

KSW Air Agitation System consists of Rotary Blower and air distribution piping. The Blower is designed to provide sufficient quantity of air at required static pressure, with optimum utilization of power. The air distribution piping consists of specially designed air distribution grid and piping with control valve etc. to provide uniform air agitation throughout cross section of tank.

Water Drying Oven

KSW Water Drying Oven is provided for drying the components after Pre-Treatment Process and before painting/powder coating process. WDO is provided with electrical heating system or HSD/Gas fired heating system.

Oil Skimmer System

KSW Oil Skimmer System is provided for removing the oil layer from the degreasing solution of degreasing process.

Sludge Removal System

KSW Sludge Removal System is provided to remove sludge from phosphating process of pre treatment plant. The System consists of Lamella type clarifier and / or filter press according to the need.

Fume Scrubber System

The system consists of high pressure blower and vertical bed packed scrubber with ducts and chimney. The system is provided to remove hazardous fumes generated in Pre- Treatment plant. The scrubber system has a wet treatment mechanism to detoxify fumes before releasing it in environment

Effluent Treatment Plant

ETP is a facility which is required to treat effluent or polluted fluid coming from various stages of pre treatment plant and re utilize the treated water.

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